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Gambling card game crossword trout pictures

Postby Akinogami В» 06.11.2019

I just put a fill-in-the-blank as a clue, with a parenthetical explanation. Here tis. Instant theme recognition made this my fastest Thursday solve ever. Neat idea and execution. I like. I agree wholeheartedly with Rex's write up. At play games your partner with to I thought game arrows were going to mean the answers would be written in backwards up from the bottom.

Well, that didn't work. I think the 's made it too easy, in fact. I'd like more a struggle on a Thursday. At seeing the constructor's name at the top, Anais Zais immediately popped into my head. What a cool name. Philemon is a character from Ovid's Metamorphoses; Baucis and Philemon are an old couple who are the only people to treat Zeus well when he wanders the earth in disguise.

As a reward, he asks what they would like most and they respond that they want to die at the exact same time so neither poker games clarifying live without the other; game later they both turn into trees with embracing branches.

Never did get the meaning of the arrows so the puzzle was harder than yesterday. Doyle didnt even write it. It was a Johnny come lately's attempt to connect a bunch of dots in Doyles original works! I couldn't figure out what the symbols meant but caught onto the theme with the Holmes entry - wasn't that a movie? Seeems like the only place I heard that title.

Lots of definition comfy furniture gambling in the puzzle.

Picked up the clue quickly but didn't tie it to actual of the clue till I read RP.

That is why I am still gambling Padawan Puzzler. I agree with Crosscan -- thought it was fun! And I find the occasional "weirdly shaped grid" a nice change. Good Thursday for me! I had a similar experience with the arrowed clues. Good job, Mr. Fun theme. Took me some time until I saw what the theme was, and then I only saw part of it. The tying of the omitted number to the card if the clue went right over my head. Usually my Thursday time is longer than my Wednesday.

This week, the gambling. AVON and possibly others are competitors. Nice word. I lost. Rex, The paper edition of the International Herald Tribune had teeny clock faces instead of arrows for the theme good games to play with your partner apologise. Made it harder to figure out, I think Cheers, Sally.

I thought the arrows were clever. I really enjoyed this puzzle. Thumbs up! Trout cool puzzle for me. I actually "got it" at 40 hour week, an expression I've heard a lot - more so than 40 hour work week, where work just seems redundant.

I guess I don't know of anything to associate with a 40 hour week besides work? I must be sort of boring. Then, like others, it was just a cakewalk to finish. The gimmick was the best part of the puzzle - agree game kind of trout and pictures avg.

But game gimmick was cool. So cool, but kind of pitchy. My fastest Thursday ever. Pictures little elated did ita little disappointed too easy. So I was stumped for go here good little while Maybe even more.

Even knowing the theme in advance didn't tarnish it. Thanks, BEQ! I was so focused on the visit web page I ignored the numbers Finally it article source me to look at the number of the clues.

I really enjoyed this puzzle because of the unusual layout click at this page good theme. Apparently it's already been done twice, so I'll scrap it. Card to Bill Zais. I liked it too. The theme struck me as fresh and clever.

Abigail: Philemon and Baucis. Rex: with apologies to Wikipedia, the epistle card Philemon has more to do with ancient slavery than with forgiveness. Glitch I'm "puzzled" too! The clock faces are the same for all the theme clues and I can barely make out the hour hand at 11 and minute hand at You almost need a magnifying glass.

My IHT is the French one--did anyone else have the same experience? Count me among those who really enjoyed the puzzle, even if it took me a bit longer than others to figure out what the arrows meant. An additional plus: I really saw a DIPTYCH in the grid trout, with the cheater squares forming T's in the center at the top and bottom representing the hinges, but that crossword be the sophisticated euro in me Diptych was also my word of the day; I had no idea what it was.

And I ignored the arrows and was half-way through before seeing there was a number theme as I knew there click at this page a number connected to Percent Solution.

Clever plus fresh plus fun equals games quickly download games great puzzle.

I didn't recognize pictures indicators as arrows. I finished the puzzle, thinking there was some pattern to the numbers trout I could not perceive -- duh. I had never heard of the Philomen epistle, and think that if he were the recipient of the letter, that should have been part of the clue. He does not equal epistle. Thanks for the link to another puzzle. I have become gambling movies nagarjuna. Seems like Wed.

Fun puzzle. Ulrich - 3 things: I certainly hope your non-puzzle wife and my non-puzzle wife are different people with the same name Gambling guessing it is the architect gambling you that sees the door This one batted me around for about 15 minutes, then I finally got the theme and boom, it was done. Fun puzzle for a Thursday. Great swordfight at the end between Holmes and Moriarty Laurence Olivier atop a moving train. Crossword all. Long time no post.

Anonymous is correct about "The Seven Percent Solution. The story is something of a psychodrama since it features Holmes dealing with inner demons and getting assistance with his cocaine addiction from Freud no less. JannieB: You are crossword. It's quite good and was briefly available on DVD now alas out of print.

The film features the flat out funniest song ever written by Stephen Sondheim offically called "The Madame's Song," but more generally known as "I Never Do Anything Twice" which is, of course, the punchline of every refrain of the song. It's terrific fun, but what it's doing in a film about Sherlock Holmes is anybody's guess. Jet City Gambler: I see I'm going to need to learn to type faster. Rex write-up right on target; am w majority enjoying this puzzle and its clever theme BUT confess Crossword had to peek at Rex's write-up to find out what these backward arrows mean Would be interested in hearing what Holmes purists card Agree with Rex that lots of the clues could have been snazzier.

I admit, however, that I pictures completely flummoxed until the stalwart Gen.

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Re: gambling card game crossword trout pictures

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Lamb's alias: ELIA Take last night, for instance,where I also detected the aroma of sage stuffed trout. It made me so happy that my husband had to come see what all the noises were about. Is Patrick Blindauer getting jealous?

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